Enthusiast – Empathiser – Bringer of structure

Dominique is a master in the art of listening. Clients extend their meetings when Dominique’s in the room, simply because they find her so easy to talk to. Especially if they share her favourite obsession: customer-focus. 

And when Dominique finds out what you need, she’s on to it. With her eye for detail, brain for structure and mind for efficient execution, Dominique is known for just getting things done. A major strength is her ability to collaborate and coordinate across departments and disciplines, patiently overcoming issues and challenges.

She’s worked as global account manager and regional director with several international B2B and B2C clients; covering projects in several areas including customer-centricity, leadership, strategy, management development and business transformation.

Dominique’s career in global business development has seen her nurturing client relationships, identifying client needs, tirelessly developing solutions to fit them – and then exceeding them. 

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