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Storytelling Isn’t Enough

Now that marketers in practically every sector prioritize content marketing, storytelling is heralded as a brand’s most effective approach to developing content.  It makes sense — people are emotional beings, so we respond to stories because they engage us on an emotional level.  And, as Nicholas Ind and Oriol Iglesias write in Brand Desire, “Brands and storytelling come out of the same building blocks:  meaning and emotions.”  But take a closer look at what storytellin

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Back to Brand Basics

Given all the new media options and technology capabilities today, it’s easy to forget the essential truths about brands. I read several reminders this past month about getting back to brand basics.

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Apple Loses A Customer

I know I’m dim, and I know that customers suffer glitches with every tech brand so my complaint isn’t news. But I want to explore it in the broader scheme of brand integrity and business strategy.

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"Corporate Repsonsibility Is an Illusion?" According to Prof Karnani. What Is He Thinking?

This is an argument that will not go away anytime soon. I have had heated debate in our b-school days way back. The question goes back to the core of the modern corporation. What role does business plays in creating value in societies? Or the question should be more about the ‘how’? Among B-schools there are many different point of views on what is a modern corporation.

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If "Design Thinking" Can Power Up Companies, How about "Art"? "Art" Should Not Be Reduced to Something Just for Display. "Art" Is the Soul of Design.

This is the view from my temporary office. I have received a lot of great feedback from my last post and I guess it is a popular subject. And there are many different point-of-views out there. I want to continue on the subject and this was written on my 18 hour transpacific flight while eating a stack of home made French toast because I can’t stand airline food.

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“Backshoring”: the New Buzzword that May Give You a Job

A recent post from Booz & Company’s “Strategy + Business” introduced a new term: “backshoring” – an emerging trend of returning manufacturing from an offshore location to the home country (”The Case For Backshoring“). This is especially important for US business, which has been a very aggressive proponent of offshoring for the past decade. Why is this reversal happening? In short, the conditions that made outsourcing look so attractive have changed utterly:

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The Jury Is Still Out

Does where stuff gets made matter to consumers, and thus to brand identity?

I keep thinking that it does, and that it will play an ever-increasingly important role in purchase decisions. Reality hasn't quite caught up with my forecast.

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Social Innovation Is a Smart Business Strategy. Businesses Can Be Good Stewards of Our Societies

Innovation takes many forms, but social innovation is least understood and today there are pressing needs and urge for the creation, adoption and diffusion of innovations. Innovation takes many forms such technological, organizational, product, service and business model etc. The term ‘social innovation’ has come into common parlance in recent years.

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Is the Freeconomics Real? We're Seeing It Everywhere

Just three minutes walking down Baker Street in London I saw signs of free offer eveywhere (see pictures). Is free the future? Or just a reflection of the current economy? It has been 4-5 years since Chris Anderson, the author of The Long Tail, first brought up the idea of the free economy. Technology is offering consumers better deals and enabling innovative business models that are reshaping economic theory. In this economy, free is definitely attractive to many consumers.

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Forget the 4Ps of Marketing. Let's Talk about the 4Ps of Sustainable Business Strategy: People, Planet, Purpose and Profit. Now that's Business Transformation.

by: Idris Mootee

Whether we are talking about innovation, technology or public policy, we often come up with solutions that creating more problems than they are supposed to  solve. Given the enormous complexity and almost un-manageable challenges ahead, what do we need to do? What seems to make sense doesn’t do it anymore.

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