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How to identify key brand differentiators for your brand strategy

By now, it should be obvious how important it is to clearly differentiate your brand. But I still get questions about how to identify key brand differentiators — or how to prioritize them, clarify them, or use them in brand strategy development.

So I’ve produced an excerpt from a recent webinar I gave in which I took participants through developing their strategic brand platforms.  Take a look to learn:

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Which best brand list is right?

BrandZ just published its annual brand valuation report weeks after Forbes released its best brand list.  The dramatic differences between the lists caused some head scratching among businesspeople.  When Interbrand‘s report comes out later this year and inevitably reports more different numbers, confusion is likely to grow.  Unfortunately if

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Brand Evolution Problems

This month’s round-up of articles I’ve read focuses on brand evolution problems. Companies usually need to evolve in order to remain relevant to changing customers and to continue to grow. But many have difficulty figuring out how to do so or adapting their organizations.

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Back to Brand Basics

Given all the new media options and technology capabilities today, it’s easy to forget the essential truths about brands. I read several reminders this past month about getting back to brand basics.

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Extraordinary Experiences Interview with Sally Smith, CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings

Here’s an interview with Sally Smith, CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings, the casual dining restaurant chain.

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Troubleshoot Your Business

Has your growth stalled? Do you struggle to become more innovative? Do you think you’re losing control of your brand? Are you concerned you haven’t figured out your new business strategy? …your customer experiences? …or your employee morale?

In the 25+ years I’ve been helping business leaders address significant challenges like these, I’ve discovered that there is one quality that distinguishes those who are able to thrive and grow despite the headwinds of a tough economy, aggressive competitors, and changing markets.

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Building A Modern Brand: Strategy, Creativity and Agility

Building brands in the mad men era was a relatively straight forward endeavor... 

A brand needed to effectively communicate its value to the consumer, plainly stating its functional benefits and for the more enduring brands—connecting with consumers at the emotional level typically through a story told via television led advertising campaigns. 

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Great Brands Create Extraordinary Experiences

What do Mitch JoelMark Di SommaAdam ToporekJeannie WaltersMike Wittenstein, and yours truly have to say about customer experience and brand-building? Check out this slideshare of quotes, Great Brands Create Extraordinary Experiences.

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Should We Call Out and Directly Challenge Our Competitors?

Should you launch a direct competitive attack? Should you run ads that call out your competitors by name? How can you aggressively challenge a competitor? If you’ve ever struggled with these questions, take a look at my new video. It’s the second in a short series of videos to address the questions I regularly hear about brand-building.

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How Should We Evolve or Extend Our Brand

You’ve got brand-building questions; I’ve got answers!

Today I’m introducing a new short series of videos to address the questions I frequently hear about brand-building. My answers are taken from my recent media interviews, so they’re based on real-live issues. Take a look at the first instalment: How should we evolve or extend our brand?

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